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== Name and style ==
== Name and style ==
* [[User:Daryl Tester|Daryl Tester]], Shotokan Karate
* [[User:Daryl Tester|Daryl Tester]], Shotokan Karate - contact: 0412 465 259.
* Jamie Birse, Aikido
* Jamie Birse, Aikido
* Paul , Ninjitsu
* Paul , Ninjitsu

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So much fun, I thought we should do it again ...

The Martial Arts BoF is for any practitioner of any martial art to come together, train, share and learn. If you're a beginner or just mildly curious, you're welcome to come along and participate.

I'm inclined to to hold it on the Tuesday morning - this will give me (Daryl) a chance to scope out the grounds for a suitable training "venue" (where venue could be an outdoor area).


  • Tuesday morning, 06:00 to 07:30
  • Located at Sunken Gardens (where Rusty's intro talk was).
  • Pick an attack and defence out of your style, and teach it to others.
  • And other random techniques.

Name and style

  • Daryl Tester, Shotokan Karate - contact: 0412 465 259.
  • Jamie Birse, Aikido
  • Paul , Ninjitsu
  • Ian , Shotakan
  • Nick Urbanik --- totally lacking any style or finess
  • Tim Bartlett -- Wing Chun Kung Fu (and a little Tae Kwon Do), but out of training for a year or so