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  • All conference wireless access points will broadcast the SSID 'lca2014', and are secured with a WPA and WPA2 PSK of 'linuxconfau'. As always, it is considered best practice to consider the conference network as a "hostile" network, and secure your laptops and mobile devices appropriately. If you join the lca2014 wireless network and receive a private IP address, or an IP address that is not part of the above range, please let the network team know immediately (see below).
The IPv4 range for delegates will be - ( and will be provided via DHCP on both the wired and wireless network.
The IPv6 prefix for the delegates is 2001:388:a098:120::/64, and we'll be running route advertisements on our edge router for stateless autoconfiguration.
  • With thanks to our friends at BigAir Community Wireless, cabled internet is available in most rooms in Trinity and St George's college accommodation as of Friday (3rd January) afternoon. we've taken over their network within the ressies, and will be using this to extend the conference network into the university accommodation. Limited wireless internet access will be available within the two conference accommodation colleges Trinity and St George using the BigAir AP equipment. As delegates you will need to provide your own data cable to connect to the University accommodation network ports.
  • If you experience any issues with the conference network, or need to contact the network team, you can email the networks team at '' or tweet us at '@LCAnetworks'. If you can give us any extra details, including some local machine log, traffic info, room numbers, along with a contact number, that'd be great!
  • It's worthwhile implementing the great fix Andrew Pam pointed out last year if you're the victim of a rogue DHCP server, by adding a reject rule to /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf (or equivalent);
# cat /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf