USB and Android - Joel Stanley

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Incomplete transcript

Thank you.

So I've spent the last 3 years making consumer electronics devices and one of the requirements that arose through that was the ability to record data out of our devices.

They ran various operating systems from embedded Linux to while 1 loops and various embedded operating systems.

But one thing they had in common is they could all talk USB.

And I thought "oh, that's handy, we all have a device in our pockets that speaks USB, so why not make it talk to it"

So today, I'm going to give you a brief overview - a bit haphazard, on how to make an Android device talk USB in host mode to some kind of peripheral, and hopefully you guys can take that information away and make Android talk to all kinds of interesting devices in the future

We'll go over Android as a tool and then ...

And then how to take some existing code that knows how to talk to a peripheral and bring that into Android land - so in this case just C code using the Native Development kit and the Java interface that ...

Then I'll go over some of the gotchas there - the permissions model was one of the harder things to integrate in the system I had ...