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* Daniel Bryan
* Daniel Bryan
* Susannah Jack
* Susannah Jack
* Steve Boak
* Alan Langley

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This LCA is shaping up to be full of astronomical goodness, and we're very near a bunch™ of very cool radio astronomy facilities.

To complement the Astronomy Miniconf, we're aiming to organise at least one site visit to an operational astronomy facility - most likely the Pawsey Centre, a new supercomputing facility that will be part of the SKA project.

Proposed BoF activities

Please suggest any other activities below...

Confirmed BoF activities

Perth Observatory Stargazing Night

We've had very strong interest from delegates on the LCA2014 chat list in attending the Perth Observatory for a night-time stargazing tour. Everyone needs to make their own booking, and bookings need to be made soon as spots will fill up quickly. The observatory doesn't have an online booking/payment system, so you'll need to call them with your credit card details to reserve your spot.

Bookings can be made by phoning (08) 9293 8255 between 8.30am and 3.30pm (AWST, 3 hours behind AEDT), Monday to Friday. Tickets are $38 for adults, $28 for children/concession card holders.

The night we're booking for is Monday 6th January.

Once you've made your booking, please add your name below so that I can keep track of those attending.

Observatory tour attendees

  • Jessica Smith
  • Sharon Harnett
  • Elizabeta Sørensen
  • Daniel Hall
  • Andrew Buckeridge
  • Sarah Allard
  • John McCabe-Danstead
  • Nick Bannon
  • Eyal Lebedinsky
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Susannah Jack
  • Steve Boak
  • Alan Langley


The logistics of getting everyone to the observatory is possibly going to be tricky. Getting there by public bus would take a little over 2 hours, which almost certainly rules that out. The only viable options would seem to be car-pooling (locals and/or sharing hire cars and/or sharing cabs). The observatory is 38km from UWA. If enough people book for the observatory ~and~ if we can coordinate things well enough, it may be possible to book (a) mini-bus(ses) for the evening if we can find people with the appropriate licence amongst delegates, or we may be able to book a charter bus if we get 40+ people going. But that all takes organisation and (most importantly) the ability to collect money in advance - which usually proves difficult, at best.

To get a feel for how doable car-pooling is, if you're a Perth local (or will have a hire car on the Monday evening) and are able to assist with transport, please put your name and number of spare seats available below.

Available rides
Name                    Available seats

Andrew Buckeridge       2
Sarah Allard            4
John McCabe-Dansted     4
Steve Boak              2
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EditName                EditSeats