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The Open Programming Miniconf -- a fixture for application developers attending since 2010 -- has been invited to return as part of 2014, this year, in Perth, Western Australia, on Monday 6 January.

The Miniconf is an opportunity for presenters of all experience levels to share their experiences in in application development using free and open source development tools.

Call for Proposals

Due to the shortened timeframe for putting the programme together, we'll be holding an open call for proposals. Submissions are now open, and will remain open until we've filled the programme.

We're looking for proposals for 25-minute talks, on topics that are of interest to developers who use open source tools and languages.

For ideas of what we've accepted in the past, see our programmes from LCA2013 and LCA2012. We'll still accept talks along any developer-related topic, even if it's not along the lines of our past talks.

You can submit proposals for talks at our online call for proposals.