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* [[user:Daniel Bryan|Daniel Bryan]]
* [[user:Daniel Bryan|Daniel Bryan]]
* [[User:Thomas_Sprinkmeier|Thomas Sprinkmeier]]

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A BoF on the topic of personal security and practical cryptography.

Since we have about 1 hour, perhaps:

  • 5 minutes to set an agenda
  • 45 minutes' discussion (FIFO speaking list, 3 minutes at a time)
  • remaining 10 minutes to chat (and arrange further discussion after the BoF ends)

Potential topics for discussion:

  • how the LA community can engage w/ tech security issues & resist subversion
  • vectors for advocacy
  • efficacy (or otherwise) of various "secure" webmail providers
  • hacking on tor, libpurple OTR, etc.
  • secure mobile communications (e.g. [6])
  • using OTR chat in Linux
  • running a tor bridge in Linux
  • running a secure SIP server in Linux
  • using tails, the privacy-focused live OS based on Debian