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The Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session (or UnPDNS) is the exciting event that gets run alongside the Professional Delegates Networking Session. It's for everyone who can't (or don't want to) go to the PDNS.

We took a break in 2013 when running the UnPDNS would have required us to wake up before 7am. Now that the PDNS is back in the evening, we're back for 2014. Woo.

  • When: Thursday night (when the PDNS is on).
  • Where: Site 5, Matilda Bay Reserve, right next to the University. See this map for info.
  • What: A BBQ (to be confirmed). Food will be $5, and we'll be selling various soft drinks. Alcohol is strictly BYO only; selling alcohol is in contravention of Western Australia liquor licensing laws.


Add your name so we can figure out how much food to buy. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, add a (V), so we know how much vegetarian stuff to buy.

  1. Christopher Neugebauer (might also be semi-running it sort of)
  2. Adam Harvey (usually gets roped into some sort of organisational activity, or at least collecting money)
  3. Mike Fabre (@mijofa1, mijofa on IRC)
  4. Bianca Gibson ( (No heavily processed foods from need, not preference. BBQd meat fillet and fresh salad (chop up veges and throw them in a bowl) with optional home made dressing is fine. Happy to help with cooking.)
  5. Elizabeta Sørensen (@zemmiph0bia)(happy to help with cooking, fructose and gluten free)
  6. Craige McWhirter - eater of all things. Will help Christopher Neugebauer if he needs a hand.
  7. Daniel Bryan. Will help with vegetarian food (a nice salad or sth) @lodoicea
  8. Daniel Bryan's +1 other.
  9. Russell Coker Happy to help out. Don't need anything special to eat, sausages in bread is great.
  10. Mike O'Connor I'll eat most BBQ food, happy to help
  11. Devdas Bhagat Happy to help
  12. David Bell (Happy to help with organising, cooking and eating)
  13. Stephen Edmonds - happy to help
  14. Lisa Sands
  15. Andrew Sands
  16. John McCabe-Dansted
  17. Mark Ellem (Coming)
  18. Jethro Carr (V)
  19. Nick Clifford
  20. Thomas Chung (will do clean-up/physical labor for BBQ food)
  21. Alastair Irvine (talk)
  22. Daniel Sobey
  23. Sebastian Cook
  24. Jeremy Visser (happy to rotate snags if needed)
  25. cardre
  26. Paul Wayper. Happy to perform sausorotation, teach juggling, recite limericks, and shop for food if needed.
  27. Benno Rice
  28. Samuel Bishop
  29. Eyal Lebedinsky
  30. Kimberley Manning
  31. Jamie Birse (+3 family)
  32. Jamie Birse's +1
  33. Jamie Birse's +1
  34. Jamie Birse's +1
  35. Peter Vesely
  36. Mitch Davis
  37. Julius Roberts
  38. Angus Gratton (V)
  39. Jeff
  40. Mark Glossop (am local attendee; have car and can assist with transporting foodstuffs if needed)
  41. Geordie Millar
  42. Michael Wheeler
  43. Jan Schmidt likes beer.
  44. Joel Stanley
  45. Cory Thompson
  46. Jason Lewis
  47. Michael Pick
  48. Tom Eastman (Unless volunteering duties interfere)