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Key signing party

We should have a key signing party, up for suggestions on where and when and what format

Before the event

You need a gpg key to start, create one now! You might as well make it with as big a key size as possible.

gpg --gen-key
gpg --list-secret-keys
gpg --fingerprint FA9EC035

Submitting your key

Currently nothing has been decided, please add suggestions below.

  • create a wiki page containing your fingerprints
  • Some other tool, edit this page and we may use it
people participating in identification exchange
Real Name Key Id Key Fingerprint Preferred E-mail Address

[Mark Atwood] 0x5BB3D38332608126 D37B E0BF 09D3 C69B DDAC 78B5 5BB3 D383 3260 8126
[Daniel Sobey] 0xFA9EC035
[Daniel Sobey] 0x7E706939
[Daniel Sobey] 0x2EC08895

At the event

We will need someone to collate the keys and print them out. Please let us know how many we should print and where to print them.

What we did last year was go to a lecture theatre with a projector. Each person stands up, shows their photo id and read their fingerprint aloud. printouts of everyone's fingerprints were provided so you can tick off as you go This worked ok but took a long time to get through everyone.

Ad hoc Signing

Put your fingerprint on a piece of paper and hand it out to people. No need to do it formally just swap as you meet.

Things to watch out for:

  • does it match thair name
  • Does the person have a key with that fingerprint, do the numbers match.
  • know that anyone can generate a key and claim an email address
  • if someone can be bothered they can keep trying to generate a key with the first 8 digits the same as another key but getting the whole fingerprint is nearly impossible

When you get home

after the event you should have notes of who to trust the next thing to do is sign the key. You can individually sign each key, export the signature and send it to them.

caff is a tool that automates the signing a little. It will sign and send an email (encrypted if possible) containing the signature. It requires some setup but it does make things easier.