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This year the lightning talks are being held on Wednesday morning after the Official Opening. There may be a second session on Friday during the closing session.

The rules will be the same a for Brisbane in 2011:

1. Talks are for 90 seconds.

2. You must put your name and topic on the wiki page if you want to present.

3. If you want to use a set of slides, these must be in a pdf file either emailed to by 8:30 on Wednesday or provided on a usb flash drive by 9am. There is absolutely no guarantee your slides will be synchronised with your talk or shown at all so have a 'Plan B'!

4. The video of your talk and slides will be published under a Creative Commons, By Attribution license.

If you wish to give a talk, please put your name and presentation title in the list below. Format as a sequential number, your name, Title of Presentation. Presentation filename should be in the following format nn_FirstName_Lastname.pdf where nn is the sequential number below.



List of proposals

  • 01, Stephen Boyd, Some issues storing passwords.
  • 02, Bianca Gibson, PyLadies Australia
  • 03, Brianna Laugher, Crowdfunding free software
  • 04, Tim Ansell, slide-lint - Making your slides awesome.
  • 05, Alan Robertson - Some experiences in raising GeekGirls
  • 06, Arjen Lentz, BlueHackers @ lca2014
  • 07, Arjen Lentz, RepRap based Curriculum
  • 08, Tom Eastman, Announcing Kiwi PyCon 2014