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** [[User:Alan Robertson|Alan and Laura Robertson]]
** [[User:Alan Robertson|Alan and Laura Robertson]]
** [[Tudor Holton]]
** [[Tudor Holton]]
** Thomas Petazzoni

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A trip to the beach, because Indian Ocean!

When: Tuesday evening, also Friday evening

Where: Meet at bus stop 10388 (half way between St George's and Trinity colleges), travelling away from the city. To Cottesloe Beach, one of the best beaches in Perth.

When: Meet 6pm, There is a 5:55pm 102 bus (map), or a 6:12pm.

How much: The bus will be $4.20 full fare/$1.70 concession each way, try to bring coins, or a SmartRider card. Plus money for dinner at Cottesloe.

What to bring: Swimsuit if you have it, goggles, towel, thongs, beachball!

Swimming not required but recommended :)

Contact: Brianna, 0439020468


  • Thursday (Maybe?)