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Tuesday 17:40 Eng:LT2

Append only - let's be polite!



Rackspace: Jakub Krajcovic 0403577544

I had a whole spiel prepared that I wanted to put here about how awesome Rackspace is, but though nah - let's save the koolaid for later... Rackspace has 2 positions open in our Sydney office - we're looking for a Cloud Architect and a kick-ass Linux sysadmin. If you'd like to know more, get in touch with Jakub Krajcovic on 0403577544 and we can go have a coffee and a chat. Alternatively just grab me when you see me.

Rackspace: Michael Still

Rackspace are also expecting to hire python devs to work on OpenStack from home. Talk to Michael Still ( for more information.

Swift Networks: Adam Ashley 0418332801

I'm looking for someone for my R&D team, mostly it's PHP with Symfony for the middleware but covers everything from multicast video distribution, GPON fibre networks, remote deployed high availability clusters to hacking around inside Android STBs. Adam Harvey's talk comes directly from some of the cool things we're doing so I'll be there Wednesday morning, else around.

Dolby Labs: Vinh Nguyen

At Dolby Labs we are getting into Enterprise Conferencing space in a big way, leveraging our traditional expertise in entertainment technologies to make business communications better, unlike any thing before.

For a glimpse of what's going on at Dolby, search for Dolby Voice, or check out these links

We are looking for kick ass C/C++ coders to join our server teams. Required skills are C/C++, multi threading and networking. If you are passionate about high performance code, highly scalable real time systems, and would like to build carrier grade products used by world class service providers, lets talk at the BoF, or contact me on email.

Catalyst IT: Andrew Ruthven

Largest OSS company in Australiasia.

Offices in Wellington & Auckland NZ, Sydney, Melbourne and staff in Brisbane and Hobart.

Hiring in NZ and Australia.

Roles to fill: PHP, Drupal, Moodle, Front end Dev, Sys Admin, general good people.

Google Australia: Any google employee

Google is always hiring.

Offices in Sydney.

Hiring Software Developers and DevOps people.

Aconex: Hamish Coleman

We are a construction industry document management company based in Melbourne.

We are looking to hire multiple software engineers in the year ahead as we grow our team. Our challenges include balancing the race to deliver new features to market, the need to refactor and simplify our core platform, and to innovate and create new opportunities for our customers through new product ideas and platforms. We are building new products as well as extending our core platform as we evolve our offer into the future.

We are also looking for a Infrastructure Technical Lead To provide technical leadership and proactive support for the continuous and efficient running, deployment and improvement of Aconex's global production platforms.

(yes, these sound like HR speak - sorry, I cribbed from our official PDs)

Muli: Ron Skeoch 0433 281 383

Muli needs new Blood! 32 Year old "Project Risk Accounts & Process Management" solution provider (500 business apps) requires applications development, customer Administration / support person, If you have the solid base we will assist your development. Wahroonga (Sydney)