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This year the lightning talks are being held on Wednesday morning after the Official Opening. There will be a second session on Friday during the closing session.

The rules will be the same a for Brisbane in 2011:

1. Talks are for 90 seconds.

2. You must put your name and topic on the wiki page if you want to present.

3. If you want to use a set of slides, these must be in a pdf file either emailed to by 8:30 on Wednesday or provided on a usb flash drive by 9am. There is absolutely no guarantee your slides will be synchronised with your talk or shown at all so have a 'Plan B'!

4. Presentations for Friday must reach me by 10 am Friday either by email or handed to me at the keynote. I will try to concatenate them into a single file, so please provide in open document as well as a pdf.

5. The video of your talk and slides will be published under a Creative Commons, By Attribution license.

6. The time available on Friday is limited so presentations are limited to 90 secs and we may have to limit the number, so get in quick!

If you wish to give a talk, please put your name and presentation title in the list below. Format as a sequential number, your name, Title of Presentation. Presentation filename should be in the following format nn_FirstName_Lastname.pdf where nn is the sequential number below.



List of proposals - Wednesday

  • 01, Stephen Boyd, Some issues storing passwords.
  • 02, Bianca Gibson, PyLadies Australia
  • 03, Brianna Laugher, Crowdfunding free software
  • 04, Tim Ansell, slidelint - Making your slides awesome.
  • 05, Alan Robertson - Some experiences in raising GeekGirls
  • 06, Arjen Lentz, BlueHackers @ lca2014
  • 07, Arjen Lentz, RepRap based Curriculum
  • 08, Tom Eastman, Announcing Kiwi PyCon 2014
  • 09, Michael Borthwick, A read only filesystem for the Raspberry Pi
  • 10, Clinton Roy, Announcing PyCon Australia 2014

List of proposals - Friday

  • 11, Michael Still, My toothbrush has a serial number
  • 12, Tim Serong, DIY Book Scanning
  • 13. Bdale Garbee, FreedomBox update
  • 14. Jim Cheetham, The OneRNG project
  • 15, Tobin Harding, Central Coast GNU/Linux Users Group
  • 16, Leo Treasure, Bitcoin Myths
  • 17, Lee Symes, DLect updates
  • 18, Alastair Irvine, Debian in Australia
  • 19, Bret Treasure, Bitcoin architecture applied to capital markets
  • 20, Tim Ansell, Other LA things
  • 21, Trent Lloyd, automatically discovering network services with Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD
  • We now have sufficient talks thanks.
  • 22, Keith Packard, learning opportunities in rocketry software
  • 23. David Cake, Electronic Frontiers Australia would like to invite you to volunteer, drink beer