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Systems/Network Admin for a Telco Aggregator.

Contact Details

At this conference

   Arriving 5th of January
   Staying at St George's College
   Attending the Sysadmin Miniconf on Monday
   Blogging a bit about the conference on my blog
   Microblogging a bit via @therkd on twitter
   Reconnecting with some old friends
   Making new friends

GPG Fingerprints

New Key

sec   2048R/22F75870 2014-01-01 [expires: 2016-01-01]
uid                  Arkady Gundroff (RKD) <>
ssb   2048R/A8508C17 2014-01-01

Encryption Key

sec   4096R/877D7A54 2014-01-02 [expires: 2015-01-02]
uid                  Arkady Gundroff (RKD) <>
ssb   4096R/D8F226D0 2014-01-02