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Emacs BoF

Do you have an interest in the Emacs text editor?

Time/venue TBD

Informal meeting to talk about Emacs.

Things we can cover:

  • Preview discussion for Rock Your Emacs workshop
  • Getting started with emacs
  • org-mode to keep yourself organised
  • magit for working with git
  • Emacs 24: package management, lexical variables, oh my!
  • Elnode the async emacs-lisp webserver
  • Guile and emacs and elisp, oh my!
  • what's new in emacs 24.4
  • How to deal with coming across from Vi(m)
  • emacs users mailing list

Please add other topics you'd like to cover.

Event Organiser: Jason Lewis

Update after the BoF

Thanks for attending. Topics covered included:

  • getting started with emacs for vi users

do the emacs tutorial. Launch emacs and type Ctrl-h followed by the letter t

Also investigate evil mode, but this just delays learning emacs proper.

  • dired

Great for file management

  • mmm mode

multiple modes. I'm of the opinions multi modes is hard and there is no really good solution for this.

  • web mode

for php/html/css

  • magit screencast

meet magit on vimeo, alex vollmer

  • require uniquify

makes names of buffers unique based its path if you are editing multiple files of the same name

  • iswitchb-mode

icomplete-mode replaced it in 24.4

  • smart-parens

what all the cool kids are using these days instead of paredit

  • [[1][emacs users mailing list]]
  • 8 in attendance including 2 intrepid vi users.

Jason Lewis Ben Sturmfels Brendan O'Dea Thomas Petazzoni Margaret Wood Nick Urbanik Lyndon White Shane MacPhillamy

  • a mode for Device Tree language

check if there is a mode for dns bind, might be similar.

  • for further info on emacs
    • IRC channel on freenode.
    • emacs wiki
  • Other topics we didn't have time to mention
    • multiple cursor mode.

check out Magnar Sveen's videos on http://emacsrocks.com/ to have your mind blown.

    • elpa

Emacs lisp package archive http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ELPA