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I'm just a linux geek from South Australia. I work for Blue Crystal Solutions as a database administrator.

Gpg fingerprints

Old key, will expire soon sec 1024D/93460D15 2008-08-02 [expires: 2014-02-28] uid Danel Sobey (dns) <> uid Daniel Sobey <> uid Daniel Sobey <> ssb 2048g/27522DED 2008-08-02 ssb 4096R/8978FD55 2009-09-04 ssb 4096R/59459AEA 2010-12-18 ssb 4096R/C48B056B 2011-03-21 ssb 4096R/B1AAA9C9 2013-02-17 ssb 4096R/A0CE2052 2013-02-17

new key sec 4096R/FA9EC035 2012-03-23 [expires: 2015-03-23] uid Daniel Sobey (dns) <> uid [jpeg image of size 3522] ssb 4096R/791A637E 2012-03-23

new key sec 4096R/7E706939 2012-07-04 [expires: 2015-01-30] uid Daniel Sobey (my new key 20120704) <> uid Daniel Sobey (My old yahoo address) <> uid [jpeg image of size 3296] ssb 4096R/B26D9553 2012-07-04 ssb 4096g/019B5E2F 2013-12-12

this key is stored on android, so probably ok as long as you trust android sec 4096R/2EC08895 2013-09-21 uid Daniel Sobey (Android key (limited trust)) <> ssb 4096R/F0171431 2013-09-21