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(Monday 6th Jan)
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* BoFs (official) https://lca2014.linux.org.au/wiki/BoF_Sessions
* BoFs (official) https://lca2014.linux.org.au/wiki/BoF_Sessions
* [[Social Events/Werewolf|Werewolf]]
** '''When''': later evening, TBA
=== Tuesday 7th Jan ===
=== Tuesday 7th Jan ===

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There are a few official, and a few unofficial social events planned during LCA.



  • Pre-conference dinner (unofficial event)
    • When: Evening of Sat 4th or Sun 5th (TBC depending on interest and numbers)
    • Please put your name down on the linked page if you're interested

Monday 6th Jan

  • Flock of Kiwis
    • When: Evening
    • Unofficial gathering of the NZ contingent.
    • List yourself on the linked page if interested.

Tuesday 7th Jan

  • Speakers Dinner (official event)
    • When: 7pm
    • Who: Main conference speakers or those with "speaker dinner tickets" in their registration (excludes miniconf speakers).

Wednesday 8th Jan

  • Linux Australia AGM 2014
    • When: 5:30PM
  • Penguin Dinner (official event)
    • When: 7pm
    • Who: Anybody with a Penguin Dinner Ticket
    • Where: To be on the Swan River foreshore

Thursday 9th Jan

  • Professional Delegates Networking Session (official event)
    • When: 7pm
    • Who: All delegates with a professional registration and main conference speakers.