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The 2014 organizing team are calling for volunteers to help with the conference.

We are encouraging all students, graduates and linux hobbyists who would like to contribute to the conference's success to step up and offer your services as a volunteer. This is a good opportunity to get a glimpse of how a conference is run, and to get some real hands on experience in many aspects of conference operations.

We're looking for volunteers to work in many areas but the help and registration desk, general administration, and audio visual team members are the most sought after. We need volunteers who are willing to commit to at least four days of the conference, we'll try and allocate some free time to attend a few talks for each volunteer, but that will depend on the number of volunteers and on the work load at any point during the conference.

In return we'll feed and cloth you during the conference. There's a real buzz to being part of the organizing team, and volunteering is a very rewarding way to get involved in the conference.

Registrations for volunteers are open. Subscribe to the volunteers mailing list here: Sign up and register as a volunteer here: For more information on volunteering, please take a look here:

If you need extra information on volunteering please send us an email – volunteers at, and I'll do my best to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Euan de Kock - 2014 Volunteer Coordinator. #LCA2014

Recognising Volunteers

Looking for volunteers? Look for these shirts.

volunteers front

volunteers back