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  1. Emacs BoF
  2. HAM Radio BoF

BoFs Recurring on Multiple Days

Running BoF

6am conference mornings from the front of Trinity College.

Conference mornings, Perth has no Daylight saving and it will be hot in January, we will be keen to get a morning run out of the way early. In past years we have met up at 6am to head out for a run, anyone keen to join in is welcome. There are a large number of options in the Kings park area to really enjoy a morning run.

My initial suggestion is meet out the front of Trinity College each morning and we can find runs to do into Kings Park and along the river. I have done some runs in both areas in the past and it really is worthwhile. There ares ome interesting features such as Jacobs Ladder, a set of stairs many runners test themselves out on at the end of Cliff St at the other end of the park. Good trails through the park and some great scenery along the river for easier runs.

Also possibly of interest to anyone arriving early (there in time for Saturday morning 4th of Jan or still around the following Saturday morning 11th Jan) there are free timed weekly 5km runs all around Australia called Parkrun. They started in the UK and there a re a huge number over there. In Perth there are 3 on and the closest to the campus is Claisebrook Cove.

I (Steven Hanley) will be competing in both of them as an out of state tourist. To compete and get a time you need to register and bring a printed barcode to the event.

Hackerspace Visits

The Artifactory will be open on Monday and Friday evenings from 7pm.

See the Artifactory, chat with other Hackerspace delegates, touch up your pet hacks. We'll fire up the barbecue on Friday night following the LCA closing talks.

Public Transport isn't great, bus route 400 comes within 700m, route 98 is faster but stops 1.3Km out.

The Industrial Park is largely abandoned after 5pm, so there's plenty of parking for those with transport.

Monday afternoon/evening

Astronomy BoF - Stargazing at Perth Observatory (8:30pm - 10:30pm)

Visit the Astronomy BoF page for details on:

  • Tour to Perth Observatory [confirmed]
  • Astronomy BoF Lunch [TBC]

BoFs Following on from Monday Miniconfs

17:40 - 18:40 Monday

emacs BoF OpenStack CI

Tuesday morning/afternoon

BoFs before Tuesday's Miniconfs

  1. Martial Arts Bof

BoFs Following on from Tuesday Miniconfs

17:40 - 18:40

BlueHackers Google Summer of Code Raspberry Pi BOF
  1. OSIA
  2. OpenRadio

18:40 - 19:40


Saturday 11th

Castledare Miniature Railway Bof