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The Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session (or UnPDNS) is the exciting event that gets run alongside the Professional Delegates Networking Session. It's for everyone who can't (or don't want to) go to the PDNS.

We took a break in 2013 when running the UnPDNS would have required us to wake up before 7am. Now that the PDNS is back in the evening, we're back for 2014. Woo.

  • When: Thursday night (when the PDNS is on)
  • Where: Not sure. We'll figure this out during the conference.


Please note yourself with a (V) if you are a vegetarian or vegan, so we can cater accordingly.

  1. Christopher Neugebauer (might also be semi-running it sort of)
  2. Adam Harvey (usually gets roped into some sort of organisational activity, or at least collecting money)
  3. Mike Fabre (@mijofa1, mijofa on IRC)
  4. Bianca Gibson ( (No heavily processed foods from need, not preference. BBQd meat fillet and fresh salad (chop up veges and throw them in a bowl) with optional home made dressing is fine. Happy to help with cooking.)
  5. Elizabeta Sørensen (@zemmiph0bia)(happy to help with cooking, fructose and gluten free)
  6. Craige McWhirter - eater of all things. Will help Christopher Neugebauer if he needs a hand.
  7. Daniel Bryan +1 other. Will help with vegetarian food (a nice salad or sth) @lodoicea