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Accommodation this year is being handled by the University Colleges directly

Google map to help determine walking distances and such Click Here.

  • Located directly across the road about a 10 min walk from the University
  • Wheel chair access under nearth the highway. There are a bunch of different ways to get from the colleges to the university.
  1. We recommend staying in the colleges as it's a very short walking distance to LCA.
  2. Keeps you close to all the action and social activities.
  3. Our LCA team will be staying here also and the rooms are pretty good.


St George's College


# Booking form here.

  1. Once completed, the college accommodation provider will contact you directly to confirm your booking.

# Speakers have reserved accommodation if you choose it, email attn Paul if you would like the code

St Catherine's College

  • Not confirmed but feel free to contact them directly

St Thomas More College

  • Not confirmed but feel free to contact them directly

Trinity College

  • We don't recommend booking here, had problems. Also we where told the rooms are full.


  • Internet will be available, please ensure you bring a cat5 network patch lead/cable.
  • We will do our best to get wireless set up around the accommodation and the university.