6502 Z80 1541 1802 2764 4164 5.25" 68000 CPM PDP

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Suggestions for a BoF session about old computers or software. If you know what a 6502 Z80 1541 1802 2764 4164 5.25" 68000 CPM PDP actually mean you qualify for the bof, but anyone who wants to discuss anything retro computer related is welcome!

If you dont know about old computers but want to learn, please come along too!

For those wondering about the definition of 'old', we mean pretty much anything first released before Windows95 or had an actual floppy disk...

There seems to be a thread drifting along on the chat list as well

People that would find this bof interesting

Time and Location

I would suggest we run this after morning tea, ie just after the keynote. Meet at the big rock on the south west of registration. That way we can get our cups of Coffee or Tea but easily find a place for us to spot each other.