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Food, Drink and Coffee

  • Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided Monday-Friday
  • Tea coffee & water will be provided Monday-Friday
  • Other Food and Drink options will be available on campus
  • Proper barista made coffee will be available all week.
  • A number of other cafe's, restaurants and shopping centre is very close by.
  • There is a pub near by with a 10-15 minute walk.
  • The town of Fremantle by the ocean is only a 15-25 minute bus or taxi down the Highway next to the university.
  1. Cafe & Coffee
  2. Restaurants & Eateries
  3. Beer Wine and Spirits
  4. Pub

Just a reminder it's easy to drink too much alcohol in the summer heat with out noticing. So please pay attention to how much alcohol you drink and keep well hydrated.