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Please log in to the wiki and add any links or reference material you think is useful, under the appropriate theme. This will then be published after the conference as a wrap up post for others in the OpenGov community across Australia.


Open infrastructure

References on open source and standards, case studies like OpenStack, Drupal, and what FOSS brings to government

Drupal - open web platform for governments

Global list of Government sites -

Distributions & Themes


Open Public

Canada - Web Experience Toolkit

Dutch government house style theme

US HowTo

Open data

References on opening up raw government data, what is needed from government, case studies, etc

Public Sector Data Workshop

Practical workshop with a focus on developing research skills in the field, both online and offline. Run by

Key issues covered:

  • Groundwork for research
  • Getting the most out of Google
  • Searching beyond the surface web
  • National and State libraries
  • Working with messy data
  • Using existing research to find leads
  • Requesting data and information from other people
  • Data quality, copyright, and referencing
  • Discussion of useful resources of various flavours

The slides are largely a set of visual prompts for the talk rather than a standalone pack; ping Helen on Twitter if you want further detail on any of the topics mentioned:

A link bundle containing all the websites, resources, and example searches mentioned in the workshop is available here:

Open information

References on FOI and related topics, case studies

Open communities

References on open government work happening in the community, getting FOSS developers and methdologies into government, building bridges between gov, community and industry

GovPond: A searchable index of Australian State and Federal Government data + federated searching of Government and domain specific data catalogues (e.g. CSIRO, AODN, Social Sciences Data).


Government organisation

  • Discussed HM Revenue and customs who can refund in seconds, but also debit your account instantly as well. The key point is that there are upsides and downsides to being able to do this.
  • The use of Bitcoin for transparency and accountability
  • Currently publishes read-only data; allow community collaborators (members of the public, contractors to public works, etc) to directly update or contribute to data sets; possible use cases:
  • Andrew Buckeridge in my preferred plaintext.
    • Discussed ignorance of the CC-BY attribution license recommended by the Government 2.0 Taskforce.
    • Discussed those helpful people that manipulate the data that you want.
  • 2014 wishlist for Western Australia (contact Helen Ensikat with any queries or follow-up:
    • A mandate & commitment to progress in ICT / Open Data by the Premier, catching up to other States
    • Allocating on ICT / e-Gov as a Ministerial Portfolio
    • Establishment of an ICT / data / e-Gov team in Premier and Cabinet or Finance
    • Roadmap and policy document based on international best practice
    • Establishment of responsibility for implementing this policy at a senior level in departments and agencies
    • Public release of progress in implementation of and compliance with policy
    • Public KPIs for senior staff and for the Minister responsible for the area
    • Mechanism to support and reward departments innovating in the area
    • Establishment of programme to showcase existing work and datasets in this area to public/other departments/industry
    • Annual Perth-based Open Gov and Digital Citizenship conference
    • Roadmap to with CKAN install / accessible API