Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Virgil: A virtual 3D GPU for qemu

Project: virgil

Linux virtualisation based on the qemu/kvm stack has long lacked a proper virtualised 3D graphics adapter, this feature has been available in competing stacks such as VMware or VirtualBox for a number of years.

The Virgil project is an investigation project that I am leading with Red Hat support, into designing a complete virtual 3D graphics adapter to allow the guest OS to run 3D applications. The ultimate goal is an adapter than can support both Linux and Windows guests using OpenGL and Direct3D acceleration.

This talk will cover the current state of virtual 3D adapters, and also the different methods available for virtualising 3D. It will then explain the architecture of the virgil project and how it works from the host through to the guest.

Dave Airlie

Dave is the Linux Kernel Graphics maintainer and is employed by Red Hat in Brisbane. He is a long term project contributor, and has recently started the virgil project to provide a 3D virtual graphics card for qemu.