Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

Third Official keynote Matthew Garrett for LCA2014 -

Third Official keynote Matthew Garrett for LCA2014

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Press Release. For immediate Release.

Announcing the 2014 third Keynote Speaker

The 2014 team are pleased to announce Matthew Garrett as the third keynote speaker for their conference.

Matthew is a cloud security developer working at Nebula, a prominent cloud hardware and services vendor.

Matthew has been hacking on Secure Boot for quite a while, and was deeply involved with it during his time with RedHat and more recently, with a broader view of its security implications within the cloud initiative, at Nebula.

Matthew will be speaking to us about the current state of the debate concerning Secure Boot, concerns over the security of material held in the cloud, the influence of the activities of security agencies, and issues relating to people maintaining traditional freedoms within cloud environments. These factors are key to the success of the cloud initiative that has captured the interest of computing communities throughout the world.

We are really pleased to have Matthew speaking to us about these key topics that have such an important impact on the success of the cloud computing initiative. is an annual open source conference organised by Linux Australia. In 2014 the conference will be held in Perth, Western Australia from the 6th January to the 10th. #lca2014